Sustainability Social Impact

Sustainability Social Impact

Social Impact with HoboGro


At HoboGro we strive to engage and encourage our community to help build a more self-sufficient and ecological future for all to benefit.

  • Collect green waste from local cafes and markets thus creating local sustainable awareness and involvement;
  • Engage those marginalised in our society to help them restart their lives through horticultural therapy
  • Conduct sustainability workshops;
  • Provide a community composting facility;
  • Involve volunteers to assist and learn about sustainable practices through working bees;
  • Collect leaf litter to save waterways pollution and landfill;
  • Present an environmentally based community radio programĀ  providing unemployed volunteers with certified training in radio production;
  • Produce premium compost from community waste;
  • Engage the community at the weekly market stall assisting them with gardening, composting and recycling information.


HoboGro takes pride in what we have been able to achieve in the past three years consulting and working with ARCCO, Councils, TAFE Outreach and other sustainably aware organisations in our community.


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May 19, 2017

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